The Social Media Newsroom- An evolution of the online newsroom

The importance of social media in society has certainly changed the nature of PR.  The growing popularity of these sites has shifted where and how news and content is distributed among companies.  First, the online newsroom was a place where journalists could have access to press releases, biographies, and links to a company’s social media tools.  With the implementation of corporate social media strategies comes the new development of the social media newsroom (SMNR).

The idea of the SMNR aligns with the high usage of the social media press release.  The traditional press release is changing; content is not simply viewed through the single website of one corporation.  Readers view feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and others.  Since journalists are expected to now find content this way, companies must make shifts to organize the information

In 2008, Deltina Hay’s post “Social Media Newsrooms: The Ultimate Web 2.0 Tool for Your Business” understood the need for this new development.  She notes the real advantage of using interaction with social sites.  Technorati, Digg, are ways to utilize social bookmarking and RSS feeds.  Still true in 2010, Social Media Strategist Sally Falkow explains that PR professionals need to see this change, and present their information in a clear concise manner for journalists.  She suggests certain criteria to what include on the newsroom.

  • Links to social content
  • Everything should be in social media format
  • Multimedia
  • Use Search Engine Optimization
  • RSS feeds
  • Provide embedding codes on content for journalists and bloggers

Sites like Press-feed offer services to companies on how to create their own online newsroom.  While they still offer the traditional newsroom format, the premium SMNR offers the most features for content uploading.  It makes it simple to upload a social media news release, and works with social media sites like Twitter to pull feeds on the site.  Here is an example of what a SMNR could look like.

SMNRs have proven to be useful for journalists, by making content easily printable and already uploaded.  The Reputationobserver Blog see these sites all you need for effective news coverage.  Since they are relatively new in development, there is a lack of hard research to prove the sites successful.  However, bloggers and PR strategist agree that the tools in SMNRs help journalists do their job.  The technology will continue to be used more as the direction of PR tends to lean toward social media.

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