Not Just for Giants

Online newsrooms are clearly a part of a major corporation’s PR strategy, as they have a lot of information that needs to be organized in the public sphere.  Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are among the best practitioners of the media tool.

However, the tool can prove to be helpful not just the big players in the game.  Smaller companies can benefit from putting their content online in an organized fashion in order to gain media attention.

Jeremy Porter did a follow up to “How to Build a Better Online Newsroom” with “Part II“, and explores example of the best practices of smaller businesses.  He examines software company HubSpot.  Their most helpful aspect of their site is the chronological list of news coverage, complete with links, which he sees as a great tool for journalists and bloggers.  Atlanta-based MailChimp is an email marketing software company.  They do a good job with supplying customer facts, which tend to impress a journalist visiting the site.  They also have a “Most Popular Articles” section that also attracts journalists writing about the field.

Smaller businesses may not have the manpower or budget to create an online newsroom.  Fortunately, there are ways around this.  eReleases, a press release distributing site, offers free eNewsroom service to their existing clients.  Their belief was in the 80% of their client base that did not have the resources to keep up with the technology.  They set up the newsroom with their client’s brand, free of charge and subscription fees.  This is one way to help smaller companies from lagging behind the industry giants.

Another important way to utilize newsrooms is to stick to your industry.  When you are a smaller company, newsrooms can be used to focus on the market itself.  The Imperial Sugar Company does this well; the newsroom is a extensive forum for the entire sugar refining industry.  This brings them media attention from other similar companies, and shows their dedication in the field.

The PR business is changing, and not just for corporate giants.  Smaller businesses can learn from the larger ones, and adapt similar tactics.  Increasing technology, like free newsroom services, will only help all businesses increase transparency and stay current.

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