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Media Rooms- Not Just for Journalists

It is obvious that online newsrooms can be essential tools for a journalist to use.  They contain video, photos, press releases, and updates about a company’s newest ideas.  It is already suggested with critics that these new sites are best when they do not require a username.  Therefore, anyone searching through a website has access to all the media functions the company is putting out there.

Not only do media rooms help journalists write accurate information about a company, they do something else.  What do companies do when they know there are costumers on their site?  They market to them.  Companies are smart in this sense.  When customers are looking into latest breaking news of the company, they are most likely highly active, loyal customers.  This makes it a clear public to think about when creating a newsroom.

David Meerman Scott, author of  the book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, explains that an online newsroom is well done when it is created for the customers.  It engages them in the buying and selling process.  He also describes one of the most crucial things to do for a good news room is using terminology that customers use.  This will bump up the news and press releases in the search ranking, and direct customers to the PR site.  A good example of this is Cisco.  It contains valuable content, as well as links to social media sites for customers to follow and share the content.

While at first we may think that companies only want to sell us something, the presence of a customer-friendly online newsroom serves to keep the population well informed consumers.  When customers know more about the products they purchase and the brands they are loyal to, they are also more likely to stay customers.  Definitely a positive thing, and another way we can all be more transparent.

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