Social Media Resume

Christine Berghorn

James Madison University 2011

Media Art and Design- Corporate Communications Major, Spanish Minor

Berghocf at dukes dot jmu dot edu

Core Facts

  • I am a hard-working, energetic Media Art and Design major at James Madison University.  My concentration is Corporate Communications, and I enjoy learning about how companies converse with the public.  My classes have ranged from communication and information technologies, news reporting and writings, and culture by design.
  • Journalism is also an interest of mine; I have taken numerous journalism elective classes in an effort to improve my writing.  New Media Journalism and News Reporting are two classes I have had success in, and have learned many new techniques in the blogging world.  My other minor is Spanish.  Being bilingual has development my skills in both languages, as well as given me a true appreciation for the written word.
  • I work at JMU’s Career and Academic Planning office.  My job title is a student media specialist.  I complete tasks daily such as flyers, PowerPoint slides, newsletters, and social media site updates.  Each week my team and I work on marketing strategies on how to promote events around campus.  Working in the Recruiting services office also allows me to see the interactions between students and companies that recruit on campus.  I hear feedback from my co-workers and have improved my job search techniques from this experience.

    JMU Recruiting Services Website

  • One big innovation I had for my job was starting a blog.  This was the first time the Career

    Are You Afraid of the Real World? Advice Blog

    center has had a blog, and the feedback I had from it was extremely positive.  The office now features it on their main site as well as their Twitter page.  The blog focuses on job search advice to students looking to graduate.  Starting this blog has also led me to connections to similar bloggers.  I was offered an opportunity to contribute to a fashion blog,, after a fellow blogger was impressed by my blog.  I have had a positive success in the blogging world, and look forward to continuing blogging daily.

  • I am seeking any position in the media field.  A media position would be of high interest to me, whether its working for a newspaper, magazine, or a company.  I also have a social media background from my current job, and would continue working as a social media strategist.

Reference Quotes:

Carol Murphy, Pool Director at Freeport Recreation Center

“Christine has worked as a lifeguard for five years.  She is responsible and hard working and never comes in late.”

Anna Schoenduby, Recruiting Programs Coordinator, JMU Career & Academic Planning

“Christine has been a vital member of our media team.  She does her tasks quickly and efficiently.  Her blog has seen a lot of success and has been a great addition to our communication with students.”


Interactive Examples

Career Advice Blog

Group Ebook on Successful Blogs and Podcasts

Writing Examples

Screens In Our World Essay

Press Release Writing

Corporate Media Writing Essay

Design Work for JMU Recruiter Services Student Media Specialist Job

PowerPoint Ad– An Event On Campus

Logo For Twitter Account

Fall 2010 Employer Newsletter– Collaborated Effort of Myself and the office Graduate Assistant

Event Flyer– Resume Workshop on Campus

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